Complete Guide on Improvement in Distance Education

Distance Education or correspondence course both has the same meaning. It means those who can’t attend the regular classes and those who can’t pap more will join in distance education. So many courses like open schooling in 10th STD, IIM related are available in distance education. Approximately so many students are selecting their courses in distance education. Nowadays so many institutes are advertising about distance education. Let us see in detail about it.

Improvement In Distance Education

The demand for distance education has been increased. Most importantly the poor student should get benefited by the distance education. At 2020 30% is the target for the total students, said by Kapil Sipil.

The most important one is that poor students cannot offer major pay for the regular education.

All these have increased the grace in distance education. Throughout the country, so many universities, deemed universities are offering courses in distance education.

General to Professional:
Before, when you say about distance education, B.A, B.COM degrees only will come in mind. But trend has changed. Not only universities, but also deemed universities are offering courses. When compare to the market needs, the new courses are offered more by private universities unsteady of Government Universities.

Evergreen M.B.A:
The most popular course in distance education is management related courses. The reason is that those who are working in various companies from higher to lower level want to know the techniques in the management. In our country, almost all the universities are offering P.G, P.G Diploma courses in management. The famous Indian institute of Management are conducting executive program, for working executive usually the class are conducted on the decided dates for them.

Many with M.B.A:
So many courses are available with M.B.A law related, medicine related courses are also available in distance education, The Nallar (Hyderabad) are offering diploma courses. Medical council of India, bar council of India, All India council of technical education is offering certain courses with conditions in the particular branches.

Researches: So many years work is needed for research without sleep, striking over to books and laboratory is about the PhD. Like this form 40 to 50 days classes will be conducted. At this stage, there won’t answers for the student’s questions. Now the trend has changed. Online Environment distance education courses teaching level underwent changes. So many universities are offering the facility of E-learning to the students. Going to the websites of the concerned universities, by using the user name and password, the students can log in and get the e-learning material. To attract the students, the private universities are offering online chatting with the faculties from all these, the craze for distance education is increasing.

Precaution About Fake Universities:
Due to the increase in the distance education facilities, So many fake universities are creating. By showing attractive websites and advertisement, showing a wrong way. So students should be aware of that. When you click the fake universities option in the websites you will get the details of fake universities.
Dec Identity:
Distance education learners should know compulsorily whether the distance education council identity is there are not. The central government has founded the DEC only for the DEC courses there will be validity.

Market Identification:
Although it has all the Identification the student knows whether the course has importance in the market or not. Have verification about the courses with the experts. When the students want to join in the course they have to join in the course they have to contact the officers before joining.

In Our State: In our state, all the universities are offering courses in distance education from six months to 5 year courses at PhD level are available. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar University stands No.1 among all the universities in our state. After that, from Osmania University, professor G. Ramreddy centre for distance education, Andhra University School of distance education and others are offering courses.


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